Schedule of the workshop


9:00 Welcome and introduction by the organizers

9:15 Session 1: Participants’ presentations (Chair: Daniel Epstein)

  • Conducted as Lightning Talks: Each presentation comprises exactly 16 slides that auto-proceed after 15 seconds, resulting in a duration of 4 minutes each.

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Session 2: World Café (Chair: Jochen Meyer)

  • „A World Café is a structured conversational process for knowledge sharing in which groups of people discuss a topic at several tables, with individuals switching tables periodically and getting introduced to the previous discussion at their new table by a ‚table host‘.“ [wikipedia]
  • 11:00 Introduction to World Café
  • 11:10 First round
  • 11:40 Second round
  • 12:10 Third round
  • Topics and hosts will be identified soon.

12:40 Lunch break

  • As no food is provided by CHI, we will go out as a group to a nearby restaurant. Lunch will be at own cost.

13:40 Session 3: Creative interaction (Chair: Judy Kay)

  • 13:40 Presentation of World Café results
  • 14:00 Introduction to Creative interaction session
  • Based on the results of the World Café groups are formed that tackle one of the identified challenges and suggest potential solutions and first steps to be taken. The groups are given a range of materials to support and boost creativity, such as paper, pens, sticky notes, cards, but also pipe cleaners, sponges, scissors, glue etc.)

15:30 Coffee break

16:00 Session 4: Summary

  • 16:00 Presentation of interaction results
  • 16:15 Joint open discussion
  • 16:45 Summary and conclusions

17:00 End of workshop


Evening: Joint dinner, at own cost, optional. Location to be agreed.